Valentine Towel DIY>

Hello Beautiful People,


Valentines Day is next week and I have an easy DIY for you. I needed just a touch of  decor and also wanted to give my mother and mother in law both a small gift. These are both practical and cute so why not?

Let’s get started.

 Material list-

I used the freezer paper to cover my work surface and the tape to secure it. The knife is to make your potato stamp.

First cut the potato in half. Next trace out your shape on paper, cut it out, then place on potato. I did a heart on each piece, one big and one small. Carefully trace around the shape with the tip of the knife. Cut the extra off around the edge and you have a stamp! You might need to pat it dry on a paper towel before you dip it in paint.

Here I just did a row of hearts using the tape to keep them in line.

I used the medium round sponge brush to do the letters and the large stamp for the O.

This towel I just did two red stripes with a narrow gold stripe in between. I wasn’t to picky about bleeding through or the lines being real straight. It gives it more of a rustic look.

The towel on the left I stamped red with the big stamp and gold with the small one. Now just let them dry and run them through the wash to soften them up.

Now you can give some as gifts and still have some for yourself. Enjoy!

         Vinyasamama out…

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