1st Birthday Gift Guide

Hello Beautiful People,

I can’t believe my baby is one. I’m sure it gives any momma mixed feelings. It’s so exciting and fun to watch them grow up, but it’s also sad that he’s not really a baby anymore.

When I was looking for ideas of what to get him for his birthday of course I went to Pinterest. I wasn’t really to excited about any of the ideas so my husband and I just searched Amazon until we found some things we thought he would like. We had a birthday party with both sides of the family and he made quite a haul. I thought I would share what he got.

All links will take you to Amazon. I may receive a small commission at not additional cost to you. I only share products I love.

  1. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet   He loved this right away. His daddy showed him what to do and he didn’t want to quit to open the rest of his gifts. The little faces are so cute and pop up when you hammer the other side.
  2. Melissa and Doug Stacker Wooden Ring Educational Toy   I think I like this one as much as him. The bright colors are so pretty. It would be supper cute for nursery decor if he didn’t have so much fun playing with it.
  3. Meiya and Alvin Deluxe Gift Set   This is a little elephant with a soft rubber head and huggable cotton body. My son loves cuddling with it. It also comes with a cute book about the elephant and his friend the mouse.
  4. Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Wooden Dump Truck   This is a fun educational toy. Wyatt tried putting the shapes in right away. It took a few tries but he is figuring out that the shapes have to match.
  5. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set with Storage Pouch  Every child needs blocks right? These a pretty and durable. They also come with a little pouch wich makes clean up easier.
  6. Elegant Baby Sea Animals Floating Rubber Bath Squirties   I couldn’t find the ones Wyatt got but these are the same brand and adorable. I will put a picture down below of his. I think my mother in law got them at TJ Max.
  7. Melissa and Doug Stacking Train   Wyatt really loves taking it all apart and trying to put it back together.
  8. Thomas the Tank 10″ Ball   For some reason I could only find packs of these on Amazon. I believe the dollar store has them as well but the little man is really enjoying his.
  9. Personalized Wooden Stool Name Puzzle   This little stool is so cute and fun. The name is cut out like a puzzle. I will put a picture of Wyatt’s below.
  10. The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes   Great Gram brought this very special gift. It is a keepsake for life. This book has so many nursery rhymes and there history. It is definitely a meaningful gift.

Wyatt also got clothes and some more cute Little Golden Books which was great as he had outgrown a lot of clothes recently. Maybe he will let me do a Spring/Summer baby look book.

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the week.

Vinyasamama out…


Hello Beautiful People,

Can you believe it is March already? I’m not sure where this year has gone. We are almost into Spring and it seems like it just gets busier from there.

How do you feel about your year so far? Have you been powering through all your goals? Getting a lot done? Or maybe it’s been a bit of a slump for you.

Today I wanted to share my 5 step plan for keeping my New Year’s Resolutions alive this year. This can be for your goals, dreams, or whatever you want to call it as well. I sort of made these my resolutions this year so that is what I will call them.

1. Think realistically.

I realize it’s March and you wrote those resolutions over two months ago. You can use this one for next time or maybe your goals right now.

Don’t make to many or do things that are going to stretch you out to thin. I have three this year.

1. Be healthier

2. Finish house

3. Be a better wife, mother, and friend


2. Figure out what works for you.

This one depends on you. If you are doing something and it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, change it up. I was always specific with my resolutions, it didn’t work for me so I tried something different this year. As you can see “be healthier” isn’t specific at all but I figured any change would be better than nothing.

3. Make a plan.

This goes with #2 but you need to figure out what works for you, write it down and continue doing it..

I have “finish house” as a resolution. My husband built us a house over two years ago. We moved in with out finishing it. We decided it had been long enough and we would get it done this year. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but just decided to start. I found  that finishing one small project a week works for me. By the way, I’m talking really small, sometimes it’s  just staining one window a week. Even that can be challenging with a one year old but it’s better than not getting anything done.

If I don’t right it down, it doesn’t happen. This is what I have planned for this month.

March 5-11  Stain Window in Master

12-18 Stain Door Trim in Master

19-25 Stain Baseboard in Master

26- April 1 Paint Doors in Master


Click on picture to link to panner

4. Don’t give up.

Keep going even if you mess up. You don’t want to wait until next year to try and start again. Think about how you will wish then that you had kept on.

I didn’t start working out until a week after New Year’s. I was discouraged that I hadn’t started on January 1, but I sure didn’t want to wait another year. I got up and worked out and am happy to say I have worked out since then only missing 3 days.

The be a better wife,mother, and friend resolution is one that has to be resolved every day. That’s what is so great. As long as we have another day on this earth we can always start again, try harder, and do better.

5. Make it a Habit.

It’s simple, it really isn’t about making a resolution unless that’s what you need to get started. Now you just need to make it a way of life.

Have fun crushing your goals.

Vinyasamama out…