Hello Beautiful People,

Have house plants always been this popular? It seems like everywhere you turn beautiful plants are flooding the magazine pages, Pinterest pictures, and Instagram. I love it!

Plants add so much to any room or porch, they purify the air, and best of all many of them are inexpensive. I’ve found the biggest expense is usually repotting them.

This rope planter is an cheap, easy way to get another pot for that beautiful plant you just bought.

Here is what you will need.

  1. Gallon bucket
  2. Rope
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Extra glue sticks
  5. Knife or scissors (something that will cut rope).


First take the handle of the bucket. Next cut two handles from the rope laying it on the bucket to see how long you want them.

  1.  Glue just the bottom of the handles at the base of the bucket.
  2.  Cut six short pieces of rope the same width as in between the handles.
  3.  Starting at the base of the bucket, start winding the rope on glueing it down as you go.
  4. Keep winding, making sure to keep the rope pushed down touching the layer below it.

I wrapped two layers over the handles. Take one of those short pieces you cut, glue it down in between the handles push it down as far as you can. Now just start wrapping the rope behind the handles. I placed the rope behind the handles until half way up the bucket. Then I put two layers over the handles, repeating this process. The rest was behind the handles until the top. Make sure and keep the handles at the proper distance apart all the way up.

Cut some holes in the bottom if you want drainage, plant your new plant, and enjoy.

Real talk- Looks like I need to get a few more pots around for those geraniums.

Vinyasamama out…


Just a note… I would probably spray the rope with a sealant if I where to leave it outside.