Southern Comfort Chili

Southern Comfort Chili

What’s not to love about chili and cornbread? I got this recipe from my husbands family and fell in love with it. It is the easiest chili recipe I have ever made and the best I have ever had. Don’t be fooled with how simple it is to make. This Chili is bursting with flavor. You can cook this in a pot on the stove or leave it simmering all day in the crockpot. Either way you will have a delicious supper all ready for you and your hungry family after a busy day.

Tomato Juice 64oz.

Bush’s Chili Beans 27 oz. x2

Chili Powder 1Tablespoon

2 pounds of ground meat (mix it up and use your favorite ground meat, the original recipe is of course beef)

shredded cheese (for topping)

corn chips (for topping)

Above are the ingredients you will need. (I forgot to put the chili powder in the picture.) I use half ground beef and half ground chicken but you can use all beef or all chicken of course. I have found that even using half chicken almost illuminates heart burn without giving up any flavor.

Step 1.

Place your ground meat and a Tablespoon of Chili Powder in a kettle and brown your ground meat. (You can get a covered cast iron kettle similar to the one above. Covered Cast Iron Kettle

Step 2.

Drain the meat well of its grease.

Step 3.

Next place all of the ingredients in the kettle or crockpot. I recommend using a lot less of the juice if you are cooking this in the crockpot.

Step 4.

Now just let it cook on low all day. I use the stove option if I am at home and can stir it occasionally. If i am going to be gone all day I put it in the crockpot. When I come home I make some cornbread and supper is ready.

Step 5.

Now you can put this chili in your favorite bowl, top with shredded cheese and corn chips, and enjoy.

chili printable





Hello Beautiful People,

Have house plants always been this popular? It seems like everywhere you turn beautiful plants are flooding the magazine pages, Pinterest pictures, and Instagram. I love it!

Plants add so much to any room or porch, they purify the air, and best of all many of them are inexpensive. I’ve found the biggest expense is usually repotting them.

This rope planter is an cheap, easy way to get another pot for that beautiful plant you just bought.

Here is what you will need.

  1. Gallon bucket
  2. Rope
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Extra glue sticks
  5. Knife or scissors (something that will cut rope).


First take the handle of the bucket. Next cut two handles from the rope laying it on the bucket to see how long you want them.

  1.  Glue just the bottom of the handles at the base of the bucket.
  2.  Cut six short pieces of rope the same width as in between the handles.
  3.  Starting at the base of the bucket, start winding the rope on glueing it down as you go.
  4. Keep winding, making sure to keep the rope pushed down touching the layer below it.

I wrapped two layers over the handles. Take one of those short pieces you cut, glue it down in between the handles push it down as far as you can. Now just start wrapping the rope behind the handles. I placed the rope behind the handles until half way up the bucket. Then I put two layers over the handles, repeating this process. The rest was behind the handles until the top. Make sure and keep the handles at the proper distance apart all the way up.

Cut some holes in the bottom if you want drainage, plant your new plant, and enjoy.

Real talk- Looks like I need to get a few more pots around for those geraniums.

Vinyasamama out…


Just a note… I would probably spray the rope with a sealant if I where to leave it outside.


1st Birthday Gift Guide

Hello Beautiful People,

I can’t believe my baby is one. I’m sure it gives any momma mixed feelings. It’s so exciting and fun to watch them grow up, but it’s also sad that he’s not really a baby anymore.

When I was looking for ideas of what to get him for his birthday of course I went to Pinterest. I wasn’t really to excited about any of the ideas so my husband and I just searched Amazon until we found some things we thought he would like. We had a birthday party with both sides of the family and he made quite a haul. I thought I would share what he got.

All links will take you to Amazon. I may receive a small commission at not additional cost to you. I only share products I love.

  1. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet   He loved this right away. His daddy showed him what to do and he didn’t want to quit to open the rest of his gifts. The little faces are so cute and pop up when you hammer the other side.
  2. Melissa and Doug Stacker Wooden Ring Educational Toy   I think I like this one as much as him. The bright colors are so pretty. It would be supper cute for nursery decor if he didn’t have so much fun playing with it.
  3. Meiya and Alvin Deluxe Gift Set   This is a little elephant with a soft rubber head and huggable cotton body. My son loves cuddling with it. It also comes with a cute book about the elephant and his friend the mouse.
  4. Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Wooden Dump Truck   This is a fun educational toy. Wyatt tried putting the shapes in right away. It took a few tries but he is figuring out that the shapes have to match.
  5. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set with Storage Pouch  Every child needs blocks right? These a pretty and durable. They also come with a little pouch wich makes clean up easier.
  6. Elegant Baby Sea Animals Floating Rubber Bath Squirties   I couldn’t find the ones Wyatt got but these are the same brand and adorable. I will put a picture down below of his. I think my mother in law got them at TJ Max.
  7. Melissa and Doug Stacking Train   Wyatt really loves taking it all apart and trying to put it back together.
  8. Thomas the Tank 10″ Ball   For some reason I could only find packs of these on Amazon. I believe the dollar store has them as well but the little man is really enjoying his.
  9. Personalized Wooden Stool Name Puzzle   This little stool is so cute and fun. The name is cut out like a puzzle. I will put a picture of Wyatt’s below.
  10. The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes   Great Gram brought this very special gift. It is a keepsake for life. This book has so many nursery rhymes and there history. It is definitely a meaningful gift.

Wyatt also got clothes and some more cute Little Golden Books which was great as he had outgrown a lot of clothes recently. Maybe he will let me do a Spring/Summer baby look book.

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the week.

Vinyasamama out…


Hello Beautiful People,

Can you believe it is March already? I’m not sure where this year has gone. We are almost into Spring and it seems like it just gets busier from there.

How do you feel about your year so far? Have you been powering through all your goals? Getting a lot done? Or maybe it’s been a bit of a slump for you.

Today I wanted to share my 5 step plan for keeping my New Year’s Resolutions alive this year. This can be for your goals, dreams, or whatever you want to call it as well. I sort of made these my resolutions this year so that is what I will call them.

1. Think realistically.

I realize it’s March and you wrote those resolutions over two months ago. You can use this one for next time or maybe your goals right now.

Don’t make to many or do things that are going to stretch you out to thin. I have three this year.

1. Be healthier

2. Finish house

3. Be a better wife, mother, and friend


2. Figure out what works for you.

This one depends on you. If you are doing something and it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, change it up. I was always specific with my resolutions, it didn’t work for me so I tried something different this year. As you can see “be healthier” isn’t specific at all but I figured any change would be better than nothing.

3. Make a plan.

This goes with #2 but you need to figure out what works for you, write it down and continue doing it..

I have “finish house” as a resolution. My husband built us a house over two years ago. We moved in with out finishing it. We decided it had been long enough and we would get it done this year. I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but just decided to start. I found  that finishing one small project a week works for me. By the way, I’m talking really small, sometimes it’s  just staining one window a week. Even that can be challenging with a one year old but it’s better than not getting anything done.

If I don’t right it down, it doesn’t happen. This is what I have planned for this month.

March 5-11  Stain Window in Master

12-18 Stain Door Trim in Master

19-25 Stain Baseboard in Master

26- April 1 Paint Doors in Master


Click on picture to link to panner

4. Don’t give up.

Keep going even if you mess up. You don’t want to wait until next year to try and start again. Think about how you will wish then that you had kept on.

I didn’t start working out until a week after New Year’s. I was discouraged that I hadn’t started on January 1, but I sure didn’t want to wait another year. I got up and worked out and am happy to say I have worked out since then only missing 3 days.

The be a better wife,mother, and friend resolution is one that has to be resolved every day. That’s what is so great. As long as we have another day on this earth we can always start again, try harder, and do better.

5. Make it a Habit.

It’s simple, it really isn’t about making a resolution unless that’s what you need to get started. Now you just need to make it a way of life.

Have fun crushing your goals.

Vinyasamama out…

Headboard DIY


This post contains affiliate links.

Hello  Beautiful People,

I hope you are having a lovely day. I know I am. It feels like spring which makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me very happy is that our headboard I have been wanting to make for the last several years is finally done. We are in the process of a Master Bedroom Makeover. More on that in later posts.

My husband made us a beautiful king sized bed frame a few months ago. We went from a queen size to king so we got a new mattress. This one we got off Amazon is amazing. You can get it here. We have wanted a padded headboard for a long time and I really wanted to make it myself so with help from my man and a few supplies we got it done.

Here is how to make your headboard.





The he first thing you want to do is measure the width of your bed. Measure out the same width on your plywood and mark it. You will want a straight edge of some sort for a guide to draw a straight line the length of the board. You can use a level, chalk line, or tsquare. We used a piece of plywood left over from another project. Use the skill saw to cut along the line. You can leave it 4′ tall as we did our cut it down to desired height.

Now just make a 2×4 frame the same measurements as your plywood. We left the side boards a little longer to attach to our wood bed frame. You can skip this step if you are planning on hanging your headboard on the wall. We also put a 2×4 in the middle for extra support.

Next using the 3″ screws attach the plywood to the frame. Just sand down the splinters and the frame complete.

Now for some real fun! Take your foam and just staple it down on the frame. My foam wasn’t quite as big as the frame but I wanted it a bit rounded at the top and sides and the bottom of the foam sits right on top of our mattress.

The batting goes down now. I rapped it around the 2×4 frame and stapled it onto the inside of the boards to protect the wall from the boards. You can cut of the extra when you are done.

You are now ready for the fabric. I chose this soft grey fabric from JoAnn’s Fabric. I did this part by myself because I was to impatient to wait for my husband to get home from work. 🙁  It worked alright but it would have been good to have someone pull it tight while the stapleling was being done. As you can see it’s a bit ripply at the top.

This is what it looks like from the back. Not quite as tidy as I wanted but it works.

This is what I did for the corners. Just tuck them in really tight then staple it down on the back.

My husband then anchored it to the bed frame. You also have the option of hanging it on the wall.

This is the finished product. We are in love with it. I was trying to figure out some artwork for above the bed but now I think I like it without anything. Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day and be creative. I think I will take a nap now.

Vinyasamama out…

5 Beginner Yoga Poses

Hello Beautiful People,

I have been intrigued with yoga for a long time. You always see these beautiful photos of people in a perfect pose with awesome scenery behind them. As I have always had very tight muscles, it looked so refreshing to bend your body however you like.

I tried starting yoga many times but always would get discouraged soon and quit. Maybe it was because I didn’t push myself hard enough or maybe I just gave up to easily but I think what frustrated me the most was all the really hard  poses that these “beginner” books would throw at you right away. I don’t know about you  but I don’t consider a shoulder stand beginner.

Recently my husband and I begin our journey to fitness through Beachbody’s P90x3 workout and it is amazing. We both love it so much already. My favorite part instantly was the yoga video. We get to do it once a week for 30 minutes and it is really hard but doable. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t do all the Poses on the first day but they encourage you to do the best you can and keep trying.

It has been so worth it. I am now in love with yoga. I feel better than I felt in years. If you are interested in it, don’t be afraid to just start and do your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have an amazing view for your daily workout. I have a long way to go so how about coming with me?

Below I’m sharing 5 super easy Poses that most anyone can do. I hope to keep sharing a few Poses a month so if you are interested follow along.

Child’s pose

Childs pose can be done with your arms in front or by your side. If it is difficult or uncomfortable try supporting your head with a pillow. This is great for calming your mind, strengthens your back, neck, and shoulders, opens up hips, and helps your digestive system.

When you get into more advanced yoga, you can always go into child’s pose to correct your breathing or if you get tired or dizzy.
Cat/Cow pose

Below is the cat / cow pose. Start on your hands and knees. Inhale as you look up and push your belly button to the floor. Hold it for a few seconds then exhale as you drop your head and arch your spine into the air. Repeat.


Shoulder Stretch

I’m not sure this is technically yoga but it does help stretch out tight shoulders. Begin in childs pose, claspe your hands behind your back, now drive them up as far as you can without putting stress in the neck. Try to keep the hands together as much as you can.


Savasana, this has to be the best thing ever. It is the perfect way to end a good yoga workout. Just lay down and put your arms and feet out where they are comfortable. Close your eyes, relax, and breathe.

I think that’s all I have for today. Let me know if you tried it and liked it. Happy stretching.

Vinyasamama out…

Changing Table from a Desk

Hello Beautiful People and welcome to Vinyasamama. Today I will be showing how I turned an old desk into a changing table.

My son is now 10 months old and I still had not finished his room. Recently while my husband was away I decided to get serious about it. The one thing his room was missing was a changing table. Somehow I had never got around to buying one and we just changed him on the bed (which by the way did not always work out so well). 😳


 I browsed Pinterest then searched the house until I came upon this old desk we never use. Perfect! I first removed the keyboard tray and the top drawer sectional. They where both attached with screws that easily backed out.   I wanted to stain it dark to match the rest of the furniture in his room. I sanded it down lightly then wiped it all down with a damp rag.

 This is the Minwax Gel Stain in Mahogany. I used the wipe on wipe off method which is very easy and you don’t have to worry about it streaking or running.Link to Amazon mahogany gel stain.

 This is what it looked like after I wiped the stain on with a rag. Then I came back over and wiped it off. This is what it looked like after he first coat. I put it in his room and relized I wanted it darker so went back later and gave it two more coats.

 The other times I have used this stain i have only had to do one coat. I think the exsisting stain was to smooth and I should have sanded it more before I started.

This is the finished project. We are really enjoying having a changing table and also having that desk out of our room. What inspiration do you have for repurposing?

Vinyasamama out…



Valentine Towel DIY>

Hello Beautiful People,


Valentines Day is next week and I have an easy DIY for you. I needed just a touch of  decor and also wanted to give my mother and mother in law both a small gift. These are both practical and cute so why not?

Let’s get started.

 Material list-

I used the freezer paper to cover my work surface and the tape to secure it. The knife is to make your potato stamp.

First cut the potato in half. Next trace out your shape on paper, cut it out, then place on potato. I did a heart on each piece, one big and one small. Carefully trace around the shape with the tip of the knife. Cut the extra off around the edge and you have a stamp! You might need to pat it dry on a paper towel before you dip it in paint.

Here I just did a row of hearts using the tape to keep them in line.

I used the medium round sponge brush to do the letters and the large stamp for the O.

This towel I just did two red stripes with a narrow gold stripe in between. I wasn’t to picky about bleeding through or the lines being real straight. It gives it more of a rustic look.

The towel on the left I stamped red with the big stamp and gold with the small one. Now just let them dry and run them through the wash to soften them up.

Now you can give some as gifts and still have some for yourself. Enjoy!

         Vinyasamama out…

Easy Valentines Candy

Hello Beautiful People,

Happy Valentines Day! I made a few valentine treats for my family and they seemed to enjoy them. These are easy and fast with very little mess so it’s perfect for a busy mom. You could make these up real quick while the kids are in bed or even do it as a project together.

Let’s get started.

Ingredient List-  

You can get all these things at the grocery store or click  on any of the underlined products to go to Amazon.

White melting wafers

Chocolate chips


Pretzel rods


Coconut (optional)

Red food coloring


Lollipop sticks

Freezer or wax paper

Above is a picture of a super easy way to melt chocolate. Just put the chocolate in a heat resistant container and place in hot water in the crockpot. Turn the crockpot on high and it will melt as you prepare the strawberries.

Next cut the tops of these and stick lollipop sticks into them. I was going for heart shaped here but after the chocolate was on they didn’t reall turn out like I wanted. (See it’s real life over here.)

I thought this was pretty (yah I’m weird like that).

At this point I sort of got caught up in it and didn’t take many pics but just dip your pretzels and strawberries in the chocolate then add sprinkles, coconut, or whatever else you like. I tinted a bit of the white to pink and drizzled it over some of them. Put them on the paper, let them cool (if you can wait).



Vinyasamama out…